ListHub Global provides brokers the opportunity to market their listings to the International marketplace, with the same data protections and managed listing distribution platform available through ListHub today.

Why International?

  • Strong Growth Trends: International home sales in the U.S. soaring in recent years
  • Profitability for Brokers and Agents: International buyers spent an estimated $102.6 billion on U.S. real estate last year

What Are International Buyers Looking For?

  • Not Just Luxury Property: Approximately 45% of International property sales are under $250,000
  • Higher Spends on Average: The typical International buyer spent approximately $210,000 MORE than domestic buyers on existing U.S. homes
  • Access to the Inventory: Despite growing interest, 18% of International clients who didn’t buy said it was because they couldn’t find a home!

How Does ListHub Global Protect My Listings?

Previously, companies who advertised listings on International portals were doing so without proper protections in place for the data that reflect our values here in the United States. ListHub has worked hard to address the problems caused by unmanaged listing distribution, and through ListHub Global, we have applied the same rigorous standards to the International partners in our network. We regard listing content as a valuable asset of the listing brokerage.

ListHub Global ensures that International publishers meet ListHub’s standards for best practices and broker-friendly methods. All of the sites in the Listhub Global Network are required to comply with ListHub’s standard publisher terms, so that your data is always protected and MLS-accurate.

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The network includes leading publisher websites in China, Russia, the U.K., India, and many more!

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